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our alumnae

Yeshivat Maharat was founded in 2009 as the first (and still only outside of Israel) rabbinical school to train and ordain Orthodox women to serve as rabbinic leaders.  We started with a four-year full-time program, our Core Semikha, and expanded several years ago to include the three-year part-time Advanced Kollel: Executive Ordination Track for women already deeply versed in Jewish law and text and working in the Jewish community, but who lacked the opportunity to receive ordination prior to Maharat’s founding.  As of June 2022, we will have ordained 58 women.  Our students and graduates now hail from nine countries including the US, Canada, Israel, France, South Africa, England and Australia. Through all of our programs we prepare our students to hold leadership positions in the Jewish community, changing the communal leadership landscape by actualizing the potential of Orthodox women as clergy.