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center for lived torah


The Center for Lived Torah is a fulfillment of Maharat’s vision for a more inclusive, responsive, and committed Orthodox and Jewish community. The Jewish community of the 21st century looks to its leaders for spiritual and religious leadership that takes modern values into consideration. The Center for Lived Torah offers the students and graduates of Yeshivat Maharat, as well as the broader community, guidance to help conceptualize an approach to halakha and Jewish life that integrates our tradition (mesora) together with the wisdom of the world. 



The “Center for Lived Torah'' embodies Maharat’s guiding leadership qualities: lilmod, lelameid, vela’asot (learning, teaching, and advocacy).  

lilmod (learning)

Participants engage deeply with Torah texts to gain expertise on relevant topics.  


lelameid (teaching)

Immersive learning positions participants as resources for the community, providing necessary guidance to those seeking to understand our tradition.


la’asot (advocacy)

The Center for Lived Torah creates lasting impact by embracing halakha as a dynamic living system that is forever evolving. The Center approaches change in alignment and in pace with the needs of the Orthodox Community. New ideas are discovered, tested,and reviewed. 



  • Serve as a research arm and think tank to provide Maharat alumnae and faculty scholars and thought leaders space and time to delve deeply into Torah study and research and to write and publish responsa that reflects a dynamic, authentic halakha. 

  • Test the bold ideas informed by research through articles and programming. Such ideas and initiatives would focus on new ways of identifying and addressing the deepest spiritual needs of the community, including: being present in times of communal need; accessing Torah and a meaningful spiritual life; creating diverse communities in which everyone is seen and included; Israel advocacy; global concerns; and social justice.

  • Develop community programming that focuses on disseminating Torah  and bringing thought-leadership, modern thought and Torah values to the broader community.


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advanced kollel alumnae shiurim 

high level weekly shiurim taught by Rabbi Herzl Hefter where Kollel alumnae explore Jewish texts

coming soon!
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Get to know our graduates and learn about alumnae programming 

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alumnae micro grants

supports innovative projects in the areas of advocacy, learning, and leadership

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halakha in action

alumnae fellowship for studying halakhic topics related to lifecycles, specifically marriage and divorce

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hanukkah e-reader

students and alumnae share pieces of torah about finding light in the darkness

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jewish female chaplains workshop

cohort building and resource sharing for alumnae in the chaplaincy field

coming soon!
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maharatcast and maharTorah feature wisdom and teachings from maharat faculty, students, and alumnae

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divrei torah, responsa, and scholarly writings from our students, alumnae, and faculty

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Beit midrash for rabbinic leadership in israel in partnership with yct

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va’tichtov: she writes

fellowship elevating women’s scholarship through writing

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yemei iyun

immersive days of study. this year’s themes will be intergenerational divergence and the cost of being orthodox

coming soon!
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