Tamar Marvin

Core Semikha, Class of 2024


Born in Israel and raised in the United States, Tamar Marvin holds a Ph.D. in Medieval Jewish Studies and a B.A. in Literature and Journalism. Her writing has been published in academic journals as well as in the broader media. Since receiving her doctorate, she has taught in Jewish Studies programs at universities in New York and Los Angeles, and has served as a faculty member in the Wexner Foundation’s Heritage Program. Seeking to take an active part in shaping Jewish tradition, Tamar is honored to join the Core Semikha Program at Yeshivat Maharat. She brings with her a deep fascination with Jewish intellectual culture, especially the ways in which premodern Jews faced challenges of integrating new cultural developments with Masorah. She believes that the Rishonim with whom she loves spending so much of her time, from the philosophers to the Kabbalists, have a great deal to tell us about navigating the Jewish future. As an educator, Tamar is passionate about creating access to classical texts for all who wish to approach them, bringing them to life for her students.
Tamar is also an inveterate maker, mostly of handcrafted textile Judaica and home baked challah. She lives with her family in Los Angeles, California.

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