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halakha in action


Halahka in Action is Maharat’s program that enables alumnae to be advocates and ambassadors for women navigating sensitive life cycle events through deep analysis of halakhic topics in kiddushin and gittin.



Beginning its second year in fall 2022, Halakha in Action is a two-year fellowship  designed for alumnae to gain expertise in halakhic topics related to life cycles, marriage and divorce. Fellows are exposed to organizations and individuals already engaged in advocacy work so that they can develop resources, build expertise, and share best practices to help individuals, as well as to contribute to our communal effort to create lasting and systemic change in this area.  


Halakha in Action will focus on the following issues:

  • Kiddushin and alternatives to kiddushin

  • Solutions to the agunah problem

  • Kiddushin al t’nai 

  • Forbidden marriages (e.g. kohen and divorcee)

  • Same-sex weddings

  • Pastoral issues in marriage and divorce

  • Practical and procedural issues in marriage and divorce



Halakha in Action, a signature program of the Center for Lived Torah, has the following goals:

  • Alumnae will engage in high-level halakha learning with expert teachers;

  • Alumnae will learn how to advocate for women in issues of marriage and divorce and may include writing halakhic articles, instituting new marriage and divorce protocols in her community,  training others involved in marriage and divorce issues, and publicizing new ways of approaching Jewish marriage and divorce via articles or podcasts;

  • The Jewish community will become more responsive to issues in marriage and divorce and will take actions to address some of the challenges;

  • Alumnae will become important resources for women and men who are entering into marriage or divorce or who are struggling with these issues;

  • The program will serve as a source of information and inspiration for the marriage and divorce section of the forthcoming Maharat Madrich.

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