Rabba Dina Brawer

Director of Recruitment & Admissions / Core Semikha, Class of 2018

Rabba Dina Brawer is the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at Maharat. Rabba Dina was born and raised in Milan, Italy and studied in Jerusalem, New York and London. She holds a BA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from the University of London and an MA in Education and Psychology from the Institute of Education, London, and Semikha from Yeshivat Maharat. She is the founder of JOFA UK , and the producer of #YourTorah podcast, a journey to discovering Mishnah. Her work has been featured in ‘10 Women, 10 Decades’ a short film produced by Chocolate Films.

To contact Rabba Dina Brawer‭‭‭: dbrawer@yeshivatmaharat.org

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