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core semikha application process


core semikha application process

Applications are now closed. If you are still interested in applying for the upcoming year, please write directly to to discuss your candidacy and reason for late application. Thank you--we look forward to reviewing.


Maharat’s Core Semikha is a four-year rabbinic ordination program for Orthodox women. We offer in-person, hybrid, and remote learning as well as full and part-time options. Tuition is covered and a stipend is provided for accepted students. 


Who should apply to Core Semikha? 

  • women who identify as Orthodox

  • intellectually rigorous and have immersive, structured, Torah learning experiences equivalent to one to two years learning full-time in a beit midrash, midrasha or yeshiva environment and hold a college degree (or the equivalent)

  • actively engaged in Jewish community settings 

  • entrepreneurs in social, cultural, and geographic contexts who are excited to grow in learning and leadership

  • passionate about serving the Jewish people


How do I apply to Core Semika?​

  1. Written application: This includes sections about your educational background, Jewish history, personal statements, and two references.

  2. Learning Skills Assessment: Applicants offered an LSA will meet with a Maharat faculty member to discuss your learning experiences and assess your Hebrew and Aramaic reading and translation skills, understanding of concepts and structures in Talmud and key commentaries, and capacity for learning advancement.

  3. Admissions Interview: Selected applicants meet with members of the admissions committee for a formal interview that will include questions about Judaism, leadership, spirituality, and the preparation of a d’var Torah.


​​Questions? Contact Director of Recruitment and Admissions Liba Berger.

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