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Rabba Abby Brown Scheier

Core Semikha, Class of 2013

Brown Scheier

Rabba Abby Scheier is an educator and community leader in Montreal. In 2013, Abby was ordained as a member of the first graduating class of Yeshivat Maharat. Prior to that, she graduated from Toronto’s York University and pursued master’s studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Abby is actively involved in promoting the empowerment of women’s leadership, both locally and internationally, and serves as a member of the Maharat board.

Abby is a passionate community volunteer and has made significant contributions, particularly through her involvement in various capacities at Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, where her husband serves as the Senior Rabbi. With her expertise in Jewish studies, Abby mentors students preparing for bat mitzvah and conversion to Judaism, and has taught weekly Torah classes for close to two decades. She connects community in her home and beyond through social and educational activities and engages in bridge-building initiatives such as the Canadian Catholic-Jewish Dialogue.

In addition to her scholarship, Abby is known for her baking and has distributed thousands of her homemade challahs, which famously bring comfort to mourners, add joy to celebrants, and provide spiritual nourishment to neighbors and friends. Abby is married to Rabbi Adam Scheier, and together they have five daughters: Aviya, Ayelet, Annael, Allegra, and Arella.

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