Tanya Farber

Core Semikha, Class of 2021

Tanya Farber, with many years of teaching experience, continues to evolve as an educator and to refine her skills in crafting meaningful student-directed lessons. For her first seven years in the classroom, Tanya taught Tanach in yeshiva high schools in NY and NJ. For the past five years Tanya discovered the joy of teaching elementary grades and taught 4th graders in a daily afternoon program. She developed her own experiential curricula of Torah texts, prayer, and jewish calendar. She integrated beit midrash study, with improv and other creative modalities, and Tefillah and liturgy with mindfulness meditation. Tanya emphasizes the dynamic spiritual practices of middot, respect, listening, generosity, curiosity, leadership and other values as part of classroom culture and routines. On weekends, Tanya works as a supervisor in a shomer Shabbat group home for Jewish women with developmental disabilities.

Originally from Arizona, Tanya has studied Torah in a variety of Jewish settings: at teachers' seminaries for Bais Yaakov graduates in both Israel and the US, batei midrash in New York City (Drisha, Yeshivat Hadar), non-denominational programs (Institute of Jewish Spirituality, Elat Chayyim), and with beloved havrutot every step of the way.

Available Writings