Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler

Dean of Students and Mashgicha Ruchanit / Advanced Kollel: Executive Ordination, Class of 2018

Rabbi Dr‭. ‬Erin Leib Smokler is the Dean of Students and Mashgicha Ruchanit at Yeshivat Maharat‭, ‬where she teaches Chassidut and Pastoral Torah. She is also a faculty fellow of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America‭. She received semikha from Yeshivat Maharat, earned her PhD and MA from the University of Chicago's Committee on Social Thought and her AB from Harvard University‭. Rabbi Dr‭. ‬Leib Smokler previously served as Assistant Literary Editor of The New Republic magazine‭, ‬and her writing has appeared there‭, ‬as well as in The New York Times Book Review‭, ‬The Jerusalem Report‭, ‬and The Jewish Week‭. ‬

To contact Rabbi Dr‭. ‬Erin Leib Smokler: eleibsmokler@yeshivatmaharat.org

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