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Sarah-Beth Neville

Core Semikha, Class of 2027


Sarah-Beth grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and read Law at the University of Cambridge. After graduating from university, Sarah-Beth moved to London and spent a year working as a youth movement worker and informal educator for Noam Masorti Youth UK. Sarah-Beth then trained as a lawyer at an international corporate law firm and began practicing as an employment law specialist.

While pursuing her law career, Sarah-Beth remained a very active member of the London Jewish community. She was part of a group responsible for building and maintaining a minyan for young adults as well as being involved with a number of Jewish charities and community initiatives.

In November 2021, Sarah-Beth moved to Jerusalem and has since been studying at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Sarah-Beth has also studied part-time remotely with Yeshivat Maharat's Beit Midrash Program. Sarah-Beth balances her studies with practicing employment law for a firm based in Tel Aviv.

Sarah-Beth often returns to London to deliver shiurim and to facilitate Jewish events. She spends her summers providing education and wellbeing support to Noam UK's programs in Israel and UK summer camp. Sarah-Beth hopes to return to London with the aim of building engaging and inclusive Jewish spaces.

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