advanced kollel: executive ordination track

The Advanced Kollel: Executive Ordination Track at Maharat was created to bring greater equity to the field of Jewish education and leadership.  The program trains and ordains women who are already educators and leaders in the Jewish community through a part-time three-year intensive course of learning.  The course is intended for women who would have received ordination years ago, but for whom this was not an option before Yeshivat Maharat was founded in 2009. Because of women’s exclusion from the Orthodox rabbinate, coupled with the deference, status and respect reserved for rabbis in the community, a systemic inequity evolved.  Without ordination, Orthodox women do not have the same opportunities for participation, membership and advancement as their male counterparts.

The Advanced Kollel: Executive Ordination Track provides students with the infrastructure and institutional support to master the halakhic topics necessary to receive semikha, as well as pastoral training necessary to be a compelling spiritual leader. Once a woman graduates and receives semikha from Maharat she has the credentials to build rich, dynamic communities, impacting countless individuals on university campuses, in synagogues and Jewish organizations.


Students will be given self-guided mekorot to prepare for the weekly online shiur with Rabbi Jeffrey S. Fox. Students will also take part in on-site intensive learning twice a year. Students are encouraged to participate in special programs held periodically at the yeshiva and to become integrated with the Maharat community.  


Students will receive a monthly stipend throughout the program as well as reimbursement of travel and housing costs associated with twice annual on-site courses. All students must pass a series of written and oral exams as well as a pastoral assessment to qualify for ordination.


Eligibility: The program is open to women who have been in the field of spiritual leadership as educators and Jewish communal leaders for at least five years and have spent significant time engaged in advanced learning and teaching.  

To qualify for admission, applicants must pass an oral gemara proficiency exam and have an interview with our admissions committee.

for more information please contact:


Rabba Dina Brawer

Director of Recruitment & Admissions

718-796-0590  I