Yeshivat Maharat is the first and only institution in the United States to ordain Orthodox women as clergy, offering an exceptional education and preparing our graduates to inspire and lead.  

Through a rigorous curriculum of Talmud and halakhic decision-making (psak), our graduates are authorized to be poskot (legal arbiters) within the boundaries of halakha. During their four years of study, our students also gain superior training in pastoral counseling and leadership development so they can lead with distinction. Our unique internship program allows our students to gain experience in synagogues, campuses, and communal organizations, where they hone their ability to bring Talmudic scholarship to real-world situations.

Once a woman graduates from Yeshivat Maharat she has the credentials to lead Orthodox congregations alongside her male peers and to lend her voice and talents to help build rich, dynamic Jewish communities. 

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