The shelves of the Beit Midrash are overwhelmingly dominated by books and articles written by men — we want to change that.

Join us for the Jewish Women Scholars' Writing Fellowship, a new initiative presented in partnership between Sefaria and Maharat. The fellowship aims to elevate Jewish women's scholarship by building a cohort of scholars,  and providing the skills, support, and resources necessary to produce new content, including a $1,500 stipend. 

The ideal candidate for this fellowship will have at least 4 years of post-secondary Jewish learning. Applicants should have a strong desire to write and contribute to the discourse of Torah, and must have at least three writing samples to share. ​

This fellowship is open only to those who meet the following qualifications:

  • Identifies as a woman

  • Torah scholar with at least 4 Years of post-secondary learning

  • Deep familiarity with Jewish texts

  • Intent to write scholarship for public consumption


  • Live Attendance at the following Zoom workshops:

    • January 13, 12pm-2pm EST - Creating a Writing Process, with Dr. Erica Brown

    • January 20, 12pm-2pm EST - The Role of the Editor, with Elisheva Urbas

    • January 27, 12pm-2pm EST - A Publisher's Perspective, featuring a panel of Jewish publishers

    • June 21, Time TBD - Final Convening


  • Cohort & Skill Building on the following schedule:

    • Bi-monthly email or phone check-ins with program facilitators

    • Weekly one-hour chavruta with another fellow in the program

    • One-on-one coaching as needed (10 hours, or 2 one hour meetings per month, will be available to each fellow)


  • Creation of a written piece approximately 3,000 words in length — a teshuva, article, book chapter, commentary or other significant Torah contribution — delivered according to the following schedule: 

    • Idea proposal (Due February 12, 2021)

    • First Draft (Due March 20, 2021)

    • Final Draft (Due July 31, 2021) 

    • Final pieces will be published on Sefaria and publicized, and we will support fellows in pursuing other publishing venues as appropriate