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Tehila: Ein Hanatziv-Maharat Advanced Semikha

תְּהִלָּה - תכנית הסמכה למורות הלכה

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Yeshivat Maharat and Midreshat Ein Hanatziv have partnered to grant semikha to women in a joint program on the campus of Ein Hanatziv in Israel. The program serves women with at least four to five years of prior beit midrash experience who are working in the Israeli community as Jewish professionals, educators, and communal leaders. It brings together the advanced Torah learning of Ein Hanatziv’s current program with Maharat’s proven rabbinic training, including Jewish law, leadership, and pastoral Torah.


The four-year program is designed for professionals in the field, offering one day per week of in-person learning at Ein Hanatziv, supplemented by chevruta and an annual three to four-day in-person intensive gathering. Coursework includes gemara, along with a rotation of pastoral and leadership training, laying a foundation for creating and sustaining Orthodox women leaders in Israel. In addition to classes, students will benefit from community and resources from both institutions, including job placement and alumnae support. 


The program includes an annual stipend.


Program Team

R’ Avital Engelberg, Director

R’ Rachel Keren, Rosh Beit Hamidrash, Ein Hanatziv

R’ Jeff Fox, Rosh HaYeshiva and Dean of Faculty, Maharat


More Information

Contact R’ Avital Engelberg

Tehila: Ein Hanatziv-Maharat Advanced Semikha

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