Amanda Shechter

Executive Director /

Amanda F‭. ‬Shechter‭, ‬Executive Director‭, ‬is a graduate of Barnard College and Columbia University School of Law‭. ‬She was a member of the inaugural class of Nishmat in Jerusalem and served on the board of American Friends of Nishmat for sixteen years‭. ‬Amanda practiced law for over twenty years‭, ‬primarily in commercial litigation and real estate‭. ‬She was the Director of Admissions‭ ‬and Outreach at the Solomon Schechter Day School of Raritan Valley and served as President of the Campus for Jewish Life‭ (‬formerly the YM-YWHA of Raritan Valley‭) ‬for many years‭. ‬Amanda was chosen to be in the first cohort of Tanzman Fellows of the Jewish‭ ‬Federation of Middlesex County‭, ‬a year-long leadership development program for outstanding community leaders, and has participated in UJA/Columbia's Institute for Jewish Executive Leadership‭. She and her husband Judah live in East Brunswick, NJ have three children‭, ‬Chana‭ (Steven), ‬Jeremy and Michal‭.‬

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