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Neesa Berezin Bahr

Core Semikha, Class of 2025

Berezin Bahr

Neesa Berezin-Bahr is a student in the Core Semikha Program. She was a 2020-2021 Masa Teaching Fellow in Jerusalem. She worked for Dorshei Torah v’Tzion, the slate spearheaded by Rabbi Avi Weiss in the World Zionist Congress. Neesa worked at Drisha for nearly a decade, where she was the Director of Student Engagement. She created and implemented educational programming for hundreds of college students, young professionals and rabbinical students. Neesa also worked for the OU's Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus. She holds a BA in Linguistics and Anthropology from New York University. Neesa studied in the Drisha Kollel in New York City and at Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem. Neesa has co-organized women’s megila readings in NYC (and on Zoom) since 2013. She taught her nephews the leining for their bnei mitzvah, experiences that were rewarding and forged a unique bond. Neesa also enjoys thinking about ways Torah can speak to everyday matters and issues that she is passionate about and has given shiurim on topics including body image, yoga, and even shoes. Originally from New York City, Neesa currently lives in Florentin, a vibrant neighborhood in South Tel Aviv.

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