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 emerging scholars awardees

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Maharat is thrilled to announce the Fifth Cohort of Emerging Scholars Awardees. This award celebrates young women who are high school seniors and who excel in leadership, spirituality, and Torah learning. The award acknowledges these young women for their accomplishments and dedication to the Jewish community while supporting their continued growth. Applications were received from across the world, representing the diversity and dedication of today’s young women.


Awardees will receive a scholarship towards university or gap year education.  They will connect with other prominent Jewish leaders and Torah scholars, including Maharat faculty, alumnae, and students. Additionally, they will be announced at Maharat’s Eleventh Annual Semikha Ceremony, being held on June 15 at 6:30pm EDT, an inspiring celebration of women’s leadership which is open to the public.

Miriam Senior yearbook photo - Miriam Goldberger.jpg

Miriam Goldberger is a senior at SAR High School in the Bronx where she is the co-president of SAR High School, co-editor in chief of SAR's school newspaper, Model UN captain and runs SAR's Women's Tefillah. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking, and learning Gemara. Next year she will be spending the year at Midreshet Lindenbaum.

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Netta Haas is a senior at Beachwood High School, located in northeast Ohio. She is one of six children, which ensures that her life is never boring. Outside of school, Netta’s interests include distance running, playing the violin, backpacking, reading voraciously, and, of course, learning Torah. She is the Opinion Editor of her school’s newspaper and co-Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine. Netta is also the Gabbait of the Cleveland Partnership Minyan and founded a teen minyan for public school students in her area. She is passionate about all kinds of leyning, creating inclusive Jewish spaces, and connecting to the natural world. Next year Netta will be studying at Yeshivat Drisha, where she hopes to find more paradoxes through which to understand the world.

Charlotte Naar graduated from Moriah College in Sydney, Australia, and is currently studying at Midreshet HaRova. She grew up in Sydney, Australia within an observant family of six and attended Jewish day school for her entire education which, combined with her family's influence, fostered a love of Judaism and learning. Charlotte aspires to study and work in education following seminary and is very excited about her future and all the experiences and opportunities she will have.

Charlotte is the inaugural recipient of Maharat's Global Emerging Scholars Award.

Yearbook Photo - Tamar Rosenfeld.jpg

Tamar Rosenfeld is a senior at Yeshivat Frisch in Paramus, New Jersey and a member of the Young Israel of Stamford, Connecticut. She is the captain of the Chidon HaTanach team, editor-in-chief of Kalliope (Frisch's creative writing publication) and captain of her school’s cross country and track team. Tamar has spent her summers entertaining ten-year-old girls as a counselor at Camp Moshava Indian Orchard, coding at the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, and learning at Drisha’s Dr. Beth Samuel’s High School program. In her free time Tamar enjoys crocheting, cooking, and figure skating. She is excited and looking forward to continuing her learning next year in Migdal Oz.

Tamar is the recipient of the Ian J. Kagedan z”l Emerging Scholars Award.

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