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kollel application

Yeshivat Maharat’s Kollel: Executive Ordination Track ordains women who are already educators and leaders in the Jewish community through a part-time three-year intensive course of learning.


The Kollel provides students with the infrastructure and institutional support to master the halakhic topics necessary to receive semikha, as well as pastoral training necessary to be a compelling spiritual leader. Once a woman graduates and received semikha from Yeshivat Maharat she has the credentials to build rich, dynamic communities, impacting countless individuals on university campuses, in synagogues, and Jewish organizations.

Students will be given self-guided mekorot to prepare for a weekly on-line shiur. We highly recommend completing the coursework with a chavrutah. We can assist you in pairing you with another Advanced Kollel student, or you may choose to learn with a chavrutah of your own.

Students will also take part in on-site intensive learning twice a year during winter and summer academic breaks. Students are encouraged to participate in special programs held periodically at the yeshiva and to become integrated with the Yeshivat Maharat community.  


Students will receive a monthly stipend throughout the program as well as reimbursement of travel and housing costs associated with twice annual on-site courses. All students must pass a series of written and oral exams as well as a pastoral assessment to qualify for ordination. 


Eligibility: The program is open to women who have been in the field of spiritual leadership as educators and Jewish communal leaders for at least five years and have spent significant time engaged in advanced learning and teaching. To qualify for admission, applicants must pass an oral Gemara proficiency exam.


Check out our present and past Kollel scholars here.


Priority will be given to applications received by March 15, with rolling admissions following that date. The application is below.


application materials:


The following materials are required in order for an application to be considered for admission:

  1. Completed online application for admission.

  2. Resume

  3. Two letters of reference - one personal and one professional or academic. Letters should be sealed and mailed to Yeshivat Maharat or emailed to

  4. Official college transcripts and if applicable, graduate coursework transcripts.

  5. Photo of applicant – emailed to

  6. Application fee of $50 - can be paid via check and sent to the Yeshivat Maharat offices or paid via credit card here.

admission procedure:


Following the submission of an application, each applicant will meet with the Rosh Yeshiva for an

evaluation of text reading and comprehension skills. Subsequent interviews may be conducted by

members of the faculty.


If you have any questions, please emailed to or call (718) 796-0590.


preferred name

date of birth

email address*


current mailing address

how did you hear about yeshivat maharat?

please select all that apply

If "other" please elaborate:

If applicable, please list any other rabbinical/graduate programs to which you are applying:

educational background

k-8 school(s) (name(s) & location):

dates of attendance:

high school(s) (name(s) & location)

dates of attendance:

supplemental jewish/hebrew school if applicable:

dates of attendance:

gap year if applicable:

dates of attendance:


dates of attendance:

degree awarded:



graduate school(s):

dates of attendance:

degree awarded:


what languages do you speak?

do you have any learning differences or challenges of which we should be aware? please explain.

list any other formal or informal Jewish education you have received (i.e., drisha, pardes, etc.):

dates of attendance:

jewish educational background

Please list the institutions in which you received your formal and informal Jewish education and provide dates of attendance.


please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level


please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level


please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level


please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level


please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level


please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level

awards and scholarships

please list the names, granting institutions and dates of awards or scholarships below:

extra-curricular activities

please list non-academic interests‭, ‬hobbies‭, ‬and talents‭:‬

personal history

all information will be kept strictly confidential. If you answer any of these questions affirmatively, please explain fully below.

part a – medical history

have you ever withdrawn from, or repeated a term at, any school or given up employment because of physical or emotional difficulties?

do you have any physical condition or medical problem that has required or still requires professional care that might limit your activity in any way?

have you ever been hospitalized for mental or emotional illness or substance abuse?

have you ever had a drug or substance abuse problem?

part b – legal history

have you ever been the subject of disciplinary inquiry or procedure in your place of employment or academic institution?

have you ever been convicted of any crime in a court of law?

personal statements

please answer the following questions in paragraph format.

biography: please reflect upon your spiritual autobiography from childhood until this point. please consider and incorporate several of the points.(500-750 words)

a‭.‬ What people‭, ‬institutions‭, ‬and experiences have had the greatest impact on your Jewish identity‭?‬

b‭.‬ Who are your rabbinic role model(s‭) ‬and mentor(s‭)?‬

c‭.‬ What books have stimulated your intellectual and spiritual growth‭?‬

please describe an experience which honed your leadership skills‭. (‬100-250‭ ‬words‭)‬

what are the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing orthodoxy today‭? ‬what is your vision for the jewish community and‭ ‬how do you see yourself actualizing that vision‭? what potential strengths and weaknesses do you bring to your rabbinate‭? (‬250-500‭ ‬words‭)‬

letters of recommendation

please provide the following information about your two references.

personal reference


relationship to applicant:



professional or academic reference:


relationship to applicant:



by affixing my name here, I attest that all the information in this application is true and accurate.

In order to fully complete your application please send your resume and a current photograph to: and submit your $50 application fee here.

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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