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alumnae opportunities

Alumnae maintain a lifelong connection with the Maharat community. Here are some of the opportunities open only to graduates of Maharat:

beloved cohort


Beloved and Maharat are launching a three-year cohort for Maharat alumnae starting in November 2022.  The cohort will provide holistic support for building and sustaining new communities, including: inspiring leaders (training, mentorship); supporting leaders (financial, organizational, operations); nourishing leaders (convening); expanding the definition of pulpit; and establishing transparent salary bands.


As a spiritual leader, you are eligible for the cohort if you are:

  • an alumna of Maharat

  • creating a Jewish space of sacred belonging

  • building a community/project in pre-development (ready to launch within 1-2 years) through 3 years post-launch

  • experienced in spiritual leadership (5+ years)

entrepreneurial micro grants


Alumnae applied for the Entrepreneurial Micro Grant Program for innovative projects in the areas of advocacy, learning and leadership. Grants have been awarded to the following alumnae for the listed projects:​

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