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tefillah community leader fellowship

The Tefillah Community Leader Fellowship is designed to empower and connect conveners of forward thinking Orthodox Tefillah communities (Women's Tefillah Groups, Partnership Minyanim, etc.) The goal of the Fellowship is to develop a supportive cohort of lay leaders, engage in relevant Torah and Halakhic learning, and provide helpful leadership skills.


The candidate must:

  • Identify as Orthodox and female.

  • Serve in a leadership role in a Women's Tefillah Group, Partnership Minyan, or other forward thinking Orthodox prayer community. 

  • Demonstrate commitment to broadening the scope of women’s engagement and equity in their community.

fellowship: (takes place in June & July)

  • Four 90 minute workshops - one hour with a leading scholar and half hour of work time and cohort building

    • Halakhic Questions​

    • Unexpected Gabbait Situations

    • Meeting your community's pastoral needs

    • Leadership strategies

  • One two hour design lab to share project concepts that will be brought back to communities. (each fellow will present for ten minutes and receive feedback)

  • $500 seed money for the community project


  • Candidates must apply by May 10 by clicking here.

  • Fellows will be announced at the end of May.


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