Atarah Mark

Operations Associate /

Atarah Mark is Maharat's Operations Associate and Development Assistant. Atarah graduated cum laude from University of Maryland‭, ‬College Park where she studied Communications and Philosophy‭ (‬B.A‭. ‬2016‭). ‬She received a certificate in Paralegal Studies in 2014‭ ‬from Montgomery College‭. ‬Previously‭, ‬Atarah worked with religious‭ ‬and educational non-profits at the University of Maryland's A‭. ‬James Clark School of Engineering Alumni Network and the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism in Washington‭, ‬DC‭. ‬At both of these organizations she focused on alumni engagement‭, ‬donor relations‭, ‬and social media management‭. ‬Atarah is excited to help Maharat's growth and development‭.‬

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