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Chana Even-Chen

Advanced Kollel: Executive Ordination, Class of 2025


Chana Even-Chen is a student in the Kollel program. Originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, Chana made aliya at the age of 18. She started her journey in Israel on a Bnei Akiva learning and kibbutz program, followed by a year of volunteer service in Sherut Leumi. She then attended Bar Ilan University, where she earned a BA in special education.

Chana and her husband, Josh, spent two formative years as educational coordinators and on-site dorm parents at Livnot U’lehibanot, where they had the privilege of helping young Jewish adults do a deep exploration of their connection to their Jewish heritage and Israel. Chana taught in the Israeli school system as a teacher of students with special needs, after which she chose to steer her career towards informal Jewish education and further Torah learning. Over the past 15 years Chana has been teaching Kallot and couples from diverse religious backgrounds in preparation for their wedding and has been involved in Mikvah education.

She enjoys being involved as an educator in her community through learning groups, community shiurim, educational and leadership roles in her shul and through work with Bat mitzvah girls. She is an active participant and organizer of the local women’s Tfila group on simchat Torah and megilla reading on Purim. She is especially passionate about the interpersonal experience which learning and teaching Torah generates, connecting with others and sharing views and perspectives. She lives in Ma’aleh Adumim, Israel, where she enjoys a stunning view of the Judean Desert. She and Josh are blessed with six children ranging in age from 24 to 9.

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