Dr. Miriam Benhaim

Process Group Facilitator /

Dr‭. ‬Miriam Benhaim‭, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who is a therapeutic Process Group leader at Maharat for current students and alumnae. Dr. Benhaim maintains a full-time psychotherapy practice in NYC and is Clinical Director of The Center For Loss and Renewal, a group practice dedicated to dealing with life transition issues. Dr. Benhaim has led crisis debriefing at organizations coping with traumatic incidents and has published on the topic of families coping with loss. Dr. Benhaim has had postgraduate training in EMDR, hypnotherapy, family therapy, and Internal Family Systems. She received her B.S. and graduated phi beta kappa from Brooklyn College and received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Long Island University.

To contact Dr‭. ‬Miriam Benhaim‭‭‭: mbenhaim.phd@gmail.com