At Maharat’s annual ordination ceremony, each graduate walks under a banner bearing the phrase 

Our Sister – May You grow into a multitude.


In this verse from Bereishit 24:60, Revava is understood to mean an abundance of blessing. In one interpretation, Revava references נשיאי ישראל, leaders of Israel. Taken together, this Torah passage is a dream, that Rivka, and all her tens and thousands of descendants, will become leaders. This vision, this dream, has begun to come to fruition.

This year we join together to celebrate our the hard work and scholarship of our faculty. Help us to honor them and ensure the future of Orthodox women clergy by helping us reach our goal of raising $400,000.

Together we will ensure the growth and success of Maharat and each of the women leaders who has walked under the Revava banner and building a world in which Judaism is relevant, Jewish communities are educated, and diverse leaders guide individuals to live spiritually engaged lives. 

December 18, 8pm EST

Chanukah from All the Angles

Free LIVE Webinar with Maharat Faculty        call in: +1 646-558-8656

An extraordinary opportunity to explore Chanukah from the angle of gemara, halakha, chassidut and human relationships.

Join Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Jeffrey Fox, Dean Rabbanit Devorah Zlochower, and faculty members Rabba Wendy Amsellem, Rabbi Adam Mintz, Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler, and Dr. Esther Altmann for this incredible evening.

Invite your family and friends!

You won't want to miss this!