announcing our new director of recruitment and admissions

Dina Brawer.jpg

Maharat is thrilled to announce that Rabba Dina Brawer will join the Maharat staff in September as Director of Recruitment and Admissions.  


Rabba Dina received semikha from Maharat in 2018. She is passionate about creating multiple entry points into Judaism for all Jews, and is the founder of JOFA UK and the creator and producer of the #YourTorah podcast designed as an invitation to discover Mishnah.  She holds a BA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from the University of London and an MA in Education and Psychology from the Institute of Education in London. Rabba Dina is co-founder, along with her husband Rabbi Dr. Naftali Brawer, of Mishkan, an experimental, transdenominational, pop-up Jewish community in London focused on enabling individual Jewish journeys.  “It is a privilege to be joining the professional team of an organization that nourished me deeply during a transformational period in my life,” shares Rabba Dina. 


Rabba Dina will work closely with our partner institutions, high schools, campus Hillels, and Jewish learning programs to identify women whose values and abilities make them ideal students for our four-year ordination program, Advanced Kollel: Executive Ordination Track, and preparatory Beit Midrash program.  Rabba Dina will also coordinate Meorot, a joint program between Maharat and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, to bring high level scholars and compelling Torah study to university campuses.


Maharat is particularly thrilled that one of our own musmakhot (alumnae) will fill this role, as she has an intimate understanding of the program, the power of the Maharat student/alumnae network, and the impact each of our graduates has upon the Jewish world.  “Rabba Dina epitomizes everything we are looking for in a potential student: a vision for a more equitable and spiritually connected Jewish community; commitment to Torah and scholarship, and deep compassion for humanity,” shares Rabba Sara Hurwitz, President and Co-Founder of Maharat. “We are so thrilled that Rabba Dina is helping to identify the next generation of leaders who our community so desperately needs.” As a powerful teacher and speaker, Rabba Dina will be able to share Torah learning as she tours the country recruiting candidates for our semikha programs.


Rabba Dina will be reachable at rabbadinabrawer@yeshivatmaharat.org.