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countdown to purim 2023


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Ilana Gimpelovich ('26) shares an in-depth class on women reading the megillah.

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Naima Hirsch Gelman ('24) writes about Megillat Esther and the unnamed women in the fight for reproductive rights in Lilith.

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Karolyn Benger ('26) teaches about the links between Purim and Pesach and our Jewish identities.

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Maya Bernstein who wrote about how Ester was a Design Thinker in eJewishPhilanthropy.

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R' Michal Kohane ('20 and Emerging Scholars in Israel Coordinator) shares a light-hearted take on Purim featuring Esther and Moses

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Nomi Kaltmann ('23) wrote an intriguing piece on the evolution of the Purim spiel featured in Tablet.

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Arielle Krule ('25) shares a piece she wrote for a compendium with best practices for clergy and community leaders related to their sober congregants on Purim from the T'shuvah Center and Blue Dove Foundation.

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We conclude our countdown to Purim with Maharat President Rabba Sara Hurwitz's thinkpiece on what we learn from the Megilah about changing systems of abuse

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