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5 Tips to build strong arguments in persuasive essay

Persuasive essays are usually considered as one of the most technical types of essays. Persuasive essays also known as argumentative essays mainly consist of the arguments built on solid evidence.

In persuasive essays, the essay writer will either counter the existing opinion or build the new one on the basis of their research and analysis. In the whole essay the writers persuade their point of view with the support of examples and reasoning.

Structurally argumentative essay consists of an introduction, body and a conclusion. The opening paragraph of the essay is called the introduction and usually contains the thesis statement of the essay.

The body of an argumentative essay contains all the arguments that support your thesis statement. Body of an argumentative essay usually consists of three to five paragraphs that discusses all the counter opinions and theories and present the author’s perspective. You can also get some assistance from "write my paper" service if it is not your cup of tea.

The conclusion of an argumentative essay usually written in the end.

Conclusion sums up all the information being presented in the above sections and connects it with the thesis statement of the essay. In an argumentative essay conclusion is considered to be the last appeal to the audience.

Argumentative essays are all about strong arguments and solid opinions. Without strong arguments your argumentative essay will be of no use so to help you to make your argumentative essay more convincing we have listed the five most beneficial tips to build strong arguments.

Have a deep topic research:

Once you are assigned with the topic for your argumentative essay don’t take too long to start doing research on it. Consult multiple sources, go through the articles and essays written on the same topic, question yourself how I will write my essay?.

Observe the arguments presented in those articles and essays. Thoroughly read the counter arguments they have presented to bolster their stance.

Explore the dimensions of the topic they have discussed and the things they have left unaddressed. This research will help you to build your arguments in an innovative, impressive and convincing way.

Develop a clear stance:

Before convincing others you yourself should have a clear stance on the topic. If you are not clear about where you stand you will fail to build strong arguments and convince your readers.

So to build a strong argument first develop a clear stance about your topic by studying your topic in every aspect. Discover and explore every possible aspect of your topic and then try to build your opinion.

Keep researching and exploring your topic until you are clear about your opinion. ALong with the research you can also consult some essay writing service for guidelines regarding your queries. It will also help you to develop a clear stance.

Address the topic in multiple dimensions:

While writing an argumentative essay, address the assigned topic in every possible dimension. This approach will greatly help you in building more convincing arguments.

Discussing every aspect of the topic will also answer the reader’s questions and will help you convince your readers.

Make factual arguments:

Make your arguments factual, add research references, statistics and analysis to convince your readers that you are not building your arguments in the air.Avoid stuffing of facts and make an essay look like an essay add the supporting facts very wisely so that an essay remains an essay and does not look like a research article or statistical report.

Use counter arguments:

An argumentative with counter arguments can surely convince the audiences as it considers and answers the reader’s queries. Solid counter arguments can prove to be a great help to win the argument.

Extensive research and multidimensional analysis of the topic can really help you to build strong counter arguments and logical answers.

If you will keep practising essay writing and follow the above mentioned tips you will never be on the point where you will ask yourself that who will write essay for me?

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