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Mind the Gap Faculty & Program Coordinator:


Program Description:

Yeshivat Maharat and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah have launched a new one-year fellowship called “Mind the Gap,” a mini-sabbatical program aimed at Jewish professionals who are between jobs, to learn Jewish texts and engage in professional development.


The “Mind the Gap” fellowship will add a second morning track to our current Beit Midrash Program, broken into trimesters, for those looking for less intensive gemara immersion but rather a broader Jewish education to enhance their base knowledge as Jewish communal professionals with a class in Contemporary Values in Jewish Texts.   The afternoon classes would include Chassidut, Tanach, Halakha and the Art of Storytelling through Midrash and Aggadah. Thanks to a grant supporting this endeavor, tuition is fully funded and limited stipends will be available.


Job Description:

We are seeking a qualified educator with the ability to teach theme-based text to beginner learners combined with the capacity to and interest in administering the Mind the Gap Program. We are seeking a person with strong organizational and time management skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong personal skills, and the ability to take initiative and work both independently and as part of a team with other Maharat and YCT team members.  This position is currently for one year only, and is three-quarter’s time.  Salary dependent upon experience, range of $40,000-$65,000. Benefits available.





  • Mon-Thurs/Fri (Friday open to discussion) 9-12:30 on the topic of Contemporary Values in Jewish Texts, including seder/chevruta study time.


2. Run admissions process (with current YM Director of Admissions)

  • Create/review application process

  • Create competitive criteria for acceptance

  • Review applications, interview, and present candidates for admission

  • Identify suitable candidates for the four-year or Beit Midrash Program if more appropriate


3. Oversee Marketing Campaign (with current YCT and YM Marketing Directors)

  • Work with legacy institutions to place ads and recruit

  • Place ads (on-line and print)

  • Compose and distribute press releases and articles

  • Field media inquiries and direct to YM Director of Community Engagement


4. Oversee smooth running of the program

  • Oversee academic schedule 

  • Interface with The Beit Midrash Program faculty and Program Director

  • Create and lead orientation and integration of new students each trimester

  • Uphold student compliance with attendance and other requirements, gage general satisfaction and address student concerns 

  • Oversee smooth move to on-site when relevant and continued integration of off-site students

  • Inform YM Executive Director about/who is attending, when and for how many trimesters so that stipends can be appropriately paid

  • Handle all paperwork for contracts, stipends, etc.

  • Handle Zoom issues/setting up Zoom rooms and scheduling of same

  • Meet with students regularly and at the end of each trimester to receive/provide feedback

  • Communicate concerns/updates regularly to senior staff (tbd)


5. Reporting to JCRIF Project Manager

  • Participate with senior staff in regular calls with JCRIF project manager Doron Kenter

  • Devise agendas for said meetings

  • Provide any information requested by project manager

Please send a cover letter and resume to mindthegapsabbatical@gmail.com.


Maharat and YCT are Equal Opportunity Employers.