Application Process:

The admissions process for Yeshivat Maharat’s semikha programs consists of these steps:

  • Intake Conversation: Our students range in age and background, are committed to Orthodox Judaism, proficient in Jewish text study, and aspire to serve as clergy in a variety of settings. If you are interested in applying to Yeshivat Maharat, please contact our Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Rabba Dina Brawer rabbadinabrawer@yeshivatmaharat.org to schedule a conversation.

  • Formal Application: Maharat is committed to giving women a role in shaping the Jewish future.  Applicants recognized for their high potential and accepted to study at Maharat will receive a full scholarship to defray the cost of tuition and a living stipend. Places are limited and we encourage you to apply early.  See details below.

  • Beit Midrash Visit & Learning Assessment: We invite prospective students to experience our vibrant beit midrash and innovative curriculum by visiting in person. An evaluation on gemara and halakha study skills will take place at that time. 

  • Interview: Once your completed application has been received and processed, you will be invited to an interview with our Admissions Committee. 


application materials:


The following materials are required in order for an application to be considered for admission:

  1. Completed online application

  2. Resume (optional for current college students) – please email to admissions@yeshivatmaharat.org

  3. Two letters of reference - one personal and one professional or academic. Letters should be mailed to Yeshivat Maharat or emailed to admissions@yeshivatmaharat.org

  4. Official college transcripts and if applicable, graduate coursework transcripts. Transcripts should be mailed to Yeshivat Maharat or emailed to admissions@yeshivatmaharat.org

  5. Photo of applicant – please email to admissions@yeshivatmaharat.org

  6. Application fee of $50 – payable here


Admissions are rolling. Preference will be given to applications received by January 15th.

Yeshivat Maharat

3700 Henry Hudson Parkway

Riverdale, NY 10463




Questions? Please email us at admissions@yeshivatmaharat.org or call us at (718) 796-0590


Please note: The application does not have the capacity to save your entries while you are working on the application, only upon submission. Therefore, we recommend that you write your essays in another document and copy and paste them into the application when you are ready to submit.  


preferred name

date of birth

email address*


current mailing address

how did you hear about yeshivat maharat?

please select all that apply

If "other" please elaborate:

If applicable, please list any other rabbinical/graduate programs to which you are applying:

educational background

k-8 school(s) (name(s) & location):

dates of attendance:

high school(s) (name(s) & location)

dates of attendance:

supplemental jewish/hebrew school if applicable:

dates of attendance:

gap year:

dates of attendance:


dates of attendance:

degree awarded:



graduate school(s):

dates of attendance:

degree awarded:


what languages do you speak?

do you have any learning differences or challenges of which we should be aware? please explain.

list any other formal or informal Jewish education you have received (i.e., drisha, pardes, etc.):

dates of attendance:

foundational textual skills and intellectual interests


please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level



please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level



please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level



please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level



please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level



please indicate your skill and/or knowledge level


what are your intellectual interests or specialized areas of study (jewish and/or secular)?

please list non-academic interests, hobbies, and talents:

awards and scholarships

please list the names, granting institutions and dates of awards or scholarships below:

leadership experience

please list your most significant positions of leadership:

personal history

all information will be kept strictly confidential. If you answer any of these questions affirmatively, please explain fully below.

part a – medical history

have you ever withdrawn from, or repeated a term at, any school or given up employment because of physical or emotional difficulties?

do you have any physical condition or medical problem that has required or still requires professional care that might limit your activity in any way?

have you ever been hospitalized for mental or emotional illness or substance abuse?

have you ever had a drug or substance abuse problem?

part b – legal history

have you ever been the subject of disciplinary inquiry or procedure in your place of employment or academic institution?

have you ever been convicted of any crime in a court of law?

personal statements

please answer the following questions in paragraph format.

biography: please reflect upon your spiritual autobiography from childhood until this point. please consider and incorporate several of the points.

  • What people, institutions, and experiences have had the greatest impact on your Jewish identity?

  • Which Jewish communities and ideologies have you explored?

  • Who are you rabbinic role model and mentors?

  • What is your experience of Israel? What roles do the Land of Israel and the Jewish state play in your life?

  • What books have stimulated your intellectual and spiritual growth?

please describe an experience of kedusha in your life.

please describe an experience where you were proud of the leadership skills you displayed:

what are your professional goals in the rabbinate? what is your vision for the jewish community and how do you see yourself actualizing that vision? what potential strengths and weaknesses do you bring to that leadership?

what are the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing orthodoxy today? facing the jewish people as a whole? how do you think we should address those challenges?

letters of recommendation

please provide the following information about your two references.

personal reference


relationship to applicant:



professional or academic reference:


relationship to applicant:



by affixing my name here, I attest that all the information in this application is true and accurate.

In order to fully complete your application please send your resume and a current photograph to: admissions@yeshivatmaharat.org and submit your $50 application fee here.

Thanks for submitting your application to Maharat!

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