Yeshivat Maharat Scholarship Fund

This year, two generous donors have stepped forward to support Yeshivat Maharat students' intellectual and spiritual studies by providing annual scholarship funds.  Yeshivat Maharat is proud to announce the first three scholarship funds for this academic year below. Each one honors a committed and passionate member of the Jewish community.  These grants place our donors on the forefront of the most innovative issues facing the community: supporting Orthodox women as change agents, who are destined to become the best and brightest Jewish spiritual leaders and educators in the Jewish community.

The Sheila Kline Scholarship is awarded to Pessy Katz (‘18) for her achievements in Jewish and secular learning.

The Ellen Goodstein Koplow Scholarship is awarded to Goldie Guy ('17) for her commitment to chesed.  This scholarship, a gift from Meyer Koplow, commemorates Ellen Koplow, whose acts of kindness knew no bounds.

Please be in touch with Rabba Sara Hurwitz if you would like to create a scholarship fund in memory or honor of a loved one.