Yeshivat Mahrat is proud to announce the planning for volume three of its journal, Keren. Volume three will be dedicated to the topic of tefillah, and will have both a halakha as well as an aggada section. Please download the call for papers here.

Keren, Volume II

It is with great excitement that we present you with Keren Volume II, Yeshivat Maharat's scholarly journal. Keren Volume II is a catalyst for insightful discussion of halakhic issues that can be shared with other scholars and the Jewish community at large.

Keren Volume II explores the halakhic and moral implications of the monrning blessing, "...Shelo asani isha": "Blessed are you, Lord...who did not create me a woman."


Keren Journal, Volume I

Message from the Dean

Expressing Milk on Shabbat and Yom Tov, Rabbi Jeffrey Fox

Flexibility and Facilitation: The Case of Adoption in Jewish Law, Rabbi David Almog

Secular Jews and Forbidden Wine, Rabbi David Bigman

The 'Pesaqratic Oath': Good Faith Presumption in the Spirit of Relgio-Legal Rulings, Shoshana Razel Gordon Guedalia

A Synagogue Becomes a Home: Women's Ritual Leadership in Public and Private Space, Rabbi Asher Lopatin

Orthodox Judaism Today: Ordaining a Female Rabbi and the Critique of R. Avi Weiss, Rabbi Dr. Alan J. Yuter

The Ger as Judge and Public Figure, Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber

Review Essay: Studies in Maimonides and His Interpreters, Joshua E. Broyde and Binyamin Goldstein

Review Essay: Response to the Review Essay of Broyde and Goldstein, Dr. Marc B. Shapiro

"The Slippery Slope" or "Climbing the Mountain of God": On the Boundaries of Changing Halakha, Rachel Keren

Responsa to a Woman with Difficulty Counting Clean Days Due to Fibroids, Dr. Anat Sharbat

Teaching Gemara to Women: An Up-to-Date Summary, Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau