Hear how Yeshivat Maharat is

here. Present. Strong.

Join us in our end of year campaign as we support our women in the field, and the communities who are benefitting from their leadership. Now and in the future, we are resolute in our mission to recruit, train and place women who are committed to Torah and serving the Jewish community as female clergy leaders. 

Show your support. Tell us how clergy has been there for you. And help support Yeshivat Maharat's mission of training and ordaining Orthodox women as clergy by strongly declaring Hineni today!

Please help us reach our goal of raising $300,000 before December 31, 2017.  Your support will help Yeshivat Maharat answer our communities’ demand for compelling, dynamic leaders who boldly step into the void with the loud and clear answer

"Hineni Chazaka --  I am here, present, and strong."  

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