Rabbi Avi Weiss, Co-Founder

Rabbi Avi Weiss, Co-Founder, is founding rabbi of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale – the Bayit, Bronx, New York, and founder of YeshivatChovevei Torah Rabbinical School.  He is also co-founder of the International Rabbinic Fellowship (IRF), an international organization of Modern Orthodox rabbis, and PORAT: People for Orthodox Renaissance And Torah. 
Rabbi Weiss served as National Chairman of the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry (SSSJ) from 1982 to 1991 and subsequently as National President of AMCHA – the Coalition for Jewish Concerns, raising a voice of moral conscience on behalf of the Jewish people and humankind throughout the world. Rabbi Weiss has authored numerous books, articles and editorials published in journals and newspapers around the world. His new book, Journey to Open Orthodoxy, will be published later this year.