Livya Tinestit-Weiss


Livya Tinestit teaches Jewish adult education classes in Great Neck and in Riverdale and works as a private tutor in Jewish Studies. Since October 2017, she is a Jewish Chaplain at the Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Riverdale.

She earned a chaplaincy certificate from the New York Chaplaincy Task Force and is a member of Neshama (National Association of Jewish Chaplains). She has also studied Bible and Talmud at the Drisha Institute.

Livya, a native of Algeria, was raised in Paris, France. She created and directed a Talmud Torah religious school under the supervision of the Consistoire Israelite de Paris after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Boston University.

Livya made Aliyah with her family and earned her M.A. from the Institute of Communication and Journalism of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem where she was a research assistant in Television and Cinema Studies. She received a one-year scholarship to conduct a qualitative content analysis on  the Israeli Melodrama and Borekas film genres from the Research Center for Gender Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Livya created the Television Production track of the Ulpena Tzviya Religious High School in Jerusalem and studied Education and Judaic Studies in the Lifshitz Religious College of Education and the Ma’aleh Film School in Jerusalem. Livya went on to teach courses in Television and Cinema Criticism at Talpiot College, Neveh Sha’anan College and Givat Washington College on biblical and talmudic motifs in Israeli fiction films.

Livya studied Piyutim at the Kehilot Sharot of the Keren Avi Chai in Jerusalem for three years and is teaching liturgy and  piyutim of the Sephardi tradition to women at the Congregation Beth Aharon, the Orthodox Sephardi Congregation located in HIR-The Bayit .

 Livya completed the High Holiday Leaders Training of the Hadar Institute of the Summer of 2018 during which she was a rabbinical intern at HIR-The Bayit.

Livya brings together empty-nesters of diverse Jewish backgrounds for Rosh Hashana and Passover Seders, Purim banquets and screenings of Jewish-themed films. She moved to Riverdale in 2017with her husband Eliezer to attend Yeshivat Maharat.