Pessy Katz

Pessy Katz graduated from Bais Yakov of Boro Park High School and then from Lander College for Women as a Judaic Studies Honors Program student with a B.A. in Political Science. Pessy was a Dorot Fellow in Israel, during which time she studied at Pardes and conducted a research project on “Modesty in the Lives of Muslim and Christian Women”. Pessy currently works for the College Counseling and Student Support Services departments at SAR High School, prior to which she has taught 7th and 8th grade students at a Hasidic school and 3rd – 5th graders at a Hebrew School. Pessy served as program coordinator for the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance’s most recent Kallah Teacher Workshop Conference and created and ran the teen division for Sister to Sister, an organization serving divorced and widowed women and their families. She has also served as a counselor at Camp Szarvas in Hungary. Pessy has interned for the NY JCRC, for then Senator Hillary Clinton and for Congressman Jerrold Nadler. In addition to her studies at Yeshivat Maharat, Pessy will pursue a dual degree at NYU where she has been awarded the Lisa Goldberg Fellowship.