Dina Brawer

Dina Brawer was born in Milan Italy and attended High school in Jerusalem, seminary in New York and university in London. She holds a BA in Hebrew and Jewish studies from London School of Jewish Studies and an MA in Education (Psychology) from the Institute of Education. For close to fifteen years she has worked alongside her husband, a congregational rabbi, and in that capacity she taught numerous kallahs, ran adult education programs, led strategic community development and was the first (and only!) woman to address a British Orthodox congregation at Kol Nidre.

Professionally, Dina delivers volunteer training at Jewish Care (The UK’s largest Jewish Charitable organization which employs 3,500 volunteers.) She has been selected to take part in GAMECHANGERS, a new leadership program for the UK Jewish community.

Dina has recently been appointed as JOFA’s UK ambassador and in this role she is seeking to amplify the voices of Orthodox feminists and create a movement for positive change.

As a mother of four sons she is concerned about their exposure to gender stereotyping in the media and she is keen to counter this by enabling them to see society through women’s eyes.  She frequently lectures, writes and occasionally broadcasts to wide and diverse audiences.  In her spare time Dina enjoys contemporary art, theatre, and gourmet cooking.