Dina Brawer

Dina Brawer was born in Milan, Italy and studied in Jerusalem and New York. She holds a BA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from the University of London and an MA in Education and Psychology from the Institute of Education, London. For close to fifteen years she has worked alongside her husband, a congregational rabbi. In this capacity she developed creative community education programs and was involved in strategic community development. Together they have recently co-launched Mishkan: The Jewish Community Beyond Borders.

Dina’s interest and passion in Orthodox feminism was seeded at the 2003 Kolech conference in Jerusalem and nurtured through JOFA conferences and events. In 2013 she launched JOFA UK as a platform to engage in communal discussions around religion and gender. She frequently lectures, writes and occasionally broadcasts to wide and diverse audiences. She ranked 55 in The Jewish Chronicle’s Power 100 List of individuals who are most influential in shaping the UK Jewish community.