Rabbanit Bracha Jaffe

BT Headshot.jpg

Rabbanit Bracha Jaffe joined Yeshivat Maharat following a long career in Israeli hi-tech.  She discovered her love for teaching while giving seminars and training workshops and through teaching leyning and shiurim in the Jewish world.  

Rabbanit Bracha delights in learning with people of all ages, when dressing in costume for Bat Mitzvah programs, leading discussion groups with empty nesters, facilitating ‘Wise Aging’ programs or simply teaching Torah and inspiring others to learn.  Rabbanit Bracha loves listening to people’s stories; she is a dynamic and thoughtful educator.  Her love of tefilla and ritual led her to be an experienced gaba’it and organizer in women’s tefilla groups and partnership minyanim. She is the voice of the JOFA Megilat Esther App, enabling anyone to learn the megilla leyning.

While a student at Yeshivat Maharat, Rabbanit Bracha interned at UOS (United Orthodox Synagogue) in Houston, Texas and at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in New York.  She also taught at a maximum security women's prison and facilitated a Wise Aging group in a community setting.  Rabbanit Bracha currently serves as Community Educator at Beth Tfiloh Congregation and Schools in Baltimore, MD.