JOFA UK - Spiritual explorers and their discoveries - Rabba sara hurwitz and rabbi ysoscher katz

JOFA UK - Continuity & Creativity - Dina Brawer, Class of 2018

JOFA UK - A View to the Future - Rabba Sara hurwitz, dean

Purim Kibbitz with Yaffa Epstein, class of 2015

Women’s Philanthropy of Jewish Federation of St. Louis: Celebrate Woman in Clergy Event with Maharat Rori Picker Neiss

Moral Courage TV presents "The First Orthodox Woman to Become a Rabbi" 

Rabba Sara Hurwitz on Gender and Religion at Rutgers University Hillel

The Evolution of Women's Leadership in Orthodoxy

Why are women's voices unique?

“Who Was Right? Jeremiah or his Opponents?” 

Delivered by Rachel Keren 7, Nov 2013.

Current Jewish Questions moderated by Rabbi Josh Yuter: A Conversation with Maharat students Ruth Balinsky Friedman, Rori Picker Neiss and Alissa Thomas

Sexuality, Modesty and Niddah in the 21st Century

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